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Attracting talent to the auto technician field

Intrepid Direct Insurance is announcing an initiative to attract talent to the Auto Aftermarket.  As members of the automotive aftermarket industry, we all know the need to attract much more talent for the future.

Why we need much more talent?

  • The global Auto Aftermarket is projected to exceed $1 Trillion US dollars in five years.*
  • New Technology in vehicles is growing exponentially.
  • A large percentage of the current workforce is retiring.
  • It is important to keep a social connection.

To Succeed at this objective, there are challenges our industry needs to overcome.

  • A false perception of a career in the auto aftermarket – Youth, Parents, Schools, Displaced Workers, and Society in general.
  • Committing dollars with tightening margins.
  • Making time with all the current demands.
  • Securing facilities, technology and tools.
  • Being able to realize or even measure success.
  • Combining resources, partnering with others or building on top of previous efforts.
  • Connecting Socially to spread the message

You and anyone interested in attracting talent to the auto aftermarket industry are welcomed contributors.  Our overall objectives include:

  • Informing all stakeholders about careers in and the state of the auto aftermarket.
  • Spot light on progress being made big and small.
    • Scholarships
    • Associations
    • Industry Experts
    • Suppliers
    • Certifications
    • Technology Community
  • Develop Sprints to achieve specific targets
  • Bring others in to help
  • Social Engagement

Bill Strout

Bill has been in the property casualty business for over 20 years. Diverse insurance experience and leadership from underwriting, sales, and wholesale insurance. Bill’s father was an owner of an agency in Chicago, so he grew up in the business. Outside of work, Bill enjoys time with his 3 kids and wife traveling.

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