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Checklist: Steps to Take After a Delivery Vehicle Accident

Being in the restaurant food-delivery business means auto accidents happen. Before an accident happens, it’s good to remind your delivery drivers that they represent your company and to always drive defensively. Every driver – at time of hire and before they make their first delivery – needs to understand their responsibilities if they’re in an accident.

If one of your delivery drivers is involved in an accident, use this Owner’s/Supervisor’s Checklist to help document important information, minimize stress, and make the claims process simpler.

Upon notification of the accident, remind the employee driver to:

  1. Stay calm and tell you their location.
  2. Turn on vehicle’s emergency flashers.
  3. Let you know if they are injured. If they aren’t injured and they can safely exittheir vehicle, ask them to check on occupants of other vehicle. If they or occupants of other vehicle are injured, the driver (or you, the owner/supervisor) should call for medical assistance.
  4. Call police. Remind employee to be respectful and cooperate. They should only provide facts of the accident and avoid admitting fault, placing blame or giving their opinion about how the accident occurred.
  5. Exchange information with other driver(s): Name; address; telephone number; driver’s license number; vehicle license plate number; make and model of vehicle; owner of vehicle if different than driver; and insurance information.
  6. Take pictures of the accident scene (if they have a camera or cell phone) to include traffic controls, street names, road conditions, vehicles, and any other property damage.
  7. Obtain contact information of any person(s) who witnessed the accident.
  8. Contact their auto insurance provider to file an accident report.

When employee driver returns to the restaurant:

  1. Request employee driver complete a Written Statement of Facts of Loss, to include:
    1. If driver was delivering or returning from delivery;
    2. The direction of travel;
    3. If any traffic controls, weather and road conditions may have been contributing factors in the accident;
    4. Any information regarding vehicles, damages, and whether anyone received a citation, if known.
    5. A list of any witnesses along with information from the other driver.
  2. Gather information to complete and submit an Accident Report to the claims department of your restaurant’s insurance company. (Refer to separate Vehicle Accident Report Form.)
  3. Review the cause of the accident and determine if it was preventable. The owner/supervisor should discuss the facts of the accident with the employee driver and – if preventable – review any store procedures to determine if any disciplinary action is required.

Following these steps outlined above should help lessen your worry and assist you in identifying and gathering the information needed to properly document the accident.

After the accident has been reported:

  1. If the delivery driver caused the accident, your insurance company would set up a claim with reserves. Follow up with your delivery driver within the first week after the accident to verify his auto insurance carrier is providing coverage to him. Your insurance company will follow up with you and, if your delivery driver’s insurance carrier is providing coverage, your insurance company will close your claim.
  2. If the delivery driver was NOT at fault, your insurance carrier will set up record-only claim.
  3. If the driver’s carrier denies coverage, once you notify your insurance carrier, they will process the claim.
  4. When the delivery driver is at fault and there are injuries, your insurance carrier will stay in contact with the franchise owner and become involved when they are placed on notice by the delivery driver’s insurance carrier or injured party. Your insurance claims department will take over the handling of the claim and retain an attorney if necessary to represent the business owner and the driver.

NOTE: The reporting requirements listed above are those that Intrepid Direct Insurance has in place. Check with your business insurance company to confirm the proper procedure to follow.

Jim Miller

Jim’s claims career spans over 30 years managing claim teams for various regional and national carriers. Jim has extensive experience in management overseeing claims litigation and multi-line commercial and personal lines claims. During his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and bike trips with his wife on the rails to trails biking trails.

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