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Safety Over Speed on this BIG FOOTBALL WEEEKEND!

As you kick off one of your busiest weekends of the year, don’t punt safety over speed when scoring points with your customers. A safety during the game is only worth 2 points, but in your delivery business it can make the difference between profit or loss.

Follow these tips for a successful (And Safe!) Big Football Weekend:

  • GPS USE… When using their phone’s GPS navigation for directions, drivers should enter the address for their delivery before leaving the store and rely on the GPS voice for guidance.
  • SAFETY OVER SPEED… Remind your drivers of the importance of complying with all laws and safe driving rules of the road, including complying with all speed limits, posted directional signs, and parking regulations.
  • PEOPLE AND BIKES… Pedestrians on sidewalks and cyclists using bike lanes create particular hazards. Drivers should be cautious when turning or accelerating at an intersection or from a driveway.
  • BE CAREFUL… Paying attention to the ground when getting in and out of their vehicle, as well as on stairs and walkways at customer locations will keep your drivers slip and fall free! Reminder to drivers: Do not run during a delivery! It increases the risk of a fall and saves very little time.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts and an ongoing commitment to Safety Over Speed, an auto accident happens. REMIND YOUR DRIVERS …

  • Exchange names, addresses, telephone numbers, driver license numbers, vehicle license plate numbers, make and model of vehicles and insurance information.
  • Record names of any passengers in the other vehicle.
  • If there are witnesses at the scene, obtain their contact information.
  • Don’t admit fault and don’t sign documents other than those required by police or emergency authorities.
  • Immediately write down every detail of the accident, including how the accident happened and if the occupants of the other vehicle complained of, or appeared to have injuries!
Jacci Zach

Jacci Zach

Jacci has spent the last 17 years involved in all aspects of commercial and personal line property and casualty claim handling and supervising. Jacci’s primary role is to ensure Intrepid Direct’s policyholders receive the highest level of claim service before and after a loss occurs. In her free time, Jacci enjoys spending time outdoors, whether hiking on vacation or relaxing on a patio with friends and family.