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Join Our Seminar at SCRS Repairer Driven Education in Las Vegas

Facing Increased Complexity and Liability

How to Protect Your Collision Repair Business!

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When: October 30, 2018 – 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, N241

The purpose of this presentation is to layout key concepts on how to protect your collision repair business with the increasing complexity and liability the industry faces to meet OEM vehicle repair standards, utilizing real examples where proper repairs saved liability (bodily injury and property damage) for the body shop. Then to add interests and perspective, we will showcase when the tire retreading industry (considered a higher liability hazard industry) went through an almost identical circumstance – highlighting parallel lessons of loss prevention and proper techniques that transfer the majority of the liability on retreading tire casings to the OEMs.

Next, our focus will be collision repair loss prevention which will include audience participation and the following:

  • Cameras showing your work
  • Critical safety components and structural work
  • Certifications
  • OEM costs
  • Remembering who the customer is
  • Assistance that an insurance professional should provide
  • Not settling
  • Merits adopting operation procedures with language similar if not identical to the SCRS position statement
  • Technology challenge
  • Talent acquisition/development and to grow margins

Moderator – Intrepid Direct Insurance


  • Ron Reichan, President of Precision Body and Paint, Inc. and Industry Thought Leader
  • Burl Richards, Owner of Burl’s Collision Center & President of Auto Body Assoc. of Texas
  • Shaughn Kennedy, ASE Master and TIA Certified, CSA, Intrepid Direct Insurance

SCRS Repairer Driven Education (RDE) series will feature seminar offerings. Each of the courses has been individually selected or crafted by SCRS because the content specifically focuses on issues and information that are relevant to collision repair professionals operating in today’s marketplace, and appeals to the diverse array of marketplace perspectives that exist within the collision repair industry.

Bill Strout

Bill has been in the property casualty business for over 20 years. Diverse insurance experience and leadership from underwriting, sales, and wholesale insurance. Bill’s father was an owner of an agency in Chicago, so he grew up in the business. Outside of work, Bill enjoys time with his 3 kids and wife traveling.