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What is hired and non-owned auto insurance?

Hired and non-owned auto insurance is protection for your franchise restaurant against claims from bodily injury or property damage from an accident caused by your driver when using their vehicle or a non-owned vehicle while driving in connection with your business.

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Why is hired and non-owned availability limited by insurance companies?


Hired and Non-owned liability for food delivery drivers is a high severity insurance coverage, meaning when there is a claim it could be a large dollar amount. Insurance companies like predictability in general, they also need to be able to ‘save’ for these large claims. Many insurance companies don’t feel that the small amount of premiums is worth the risk of not properly ‘saving’ to pay for the large potential claims.


I’m new to delivery, so where do I start with safety practices for my delivery drivers?


Intrepid Direct is happy to email you a packet of best practices and sample agreements. A few tips: Start with hiring drivers with safe records, check their Motor Vehicle Records for major violations or frequency of violations. Then check the drivers insurance and drivers license to make sure they are valid and aren’t expired. Then make sure you have them sign an agreement of their responsibilities as a driver.


What can I do to lower my hired and non-owned costs?


Safety practices, higher deductibles, and telematics. Intrepid Direct’s representatives can guide you to help you lower your costs. We know the best safety practices, we have many deductible options, and we have partnerships with the leading telematics/GPS companies.


I’ve had a hired and non-owned claim…what will happen to my premiums in the future?


That’s too bad, we hope all involved are recovering well. Unfortunately, this large claim will be considered in your premiums for 4-5 years. You need to explain to the insurance company details of the event and what you have done to prevent it from happening again. Or explain it was such a random accident, it shouldn’t happen again. I would suggest you start by making sure you have great safety practices and then consider telematics for your drivers.

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