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Distracted Driving: Delivery Drivers Beware

Imagine this scenario – you are driving in a nearby neighborhood to make a delivery when you see a driver veering into your lane of travel or driving erratically. What’s up? You say to yourself, “I better stay clear of that driver!” In many cases, that driver may be experiencing distracted driving in one form […]

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Delivery Driver Accident Prevention

Delivery Drivers make frequent deliveries at short distances that are often in congested and busy areas. Because of this, their risk for many types of accidents can be much greater. However, these accidents are often very preventable through good defensive maneuvers. In 2015 the National Safety Council published statistics showing the three highest causes of […]

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Safety Guidelines for Delivery Drivers

As a delivery driver you have a much greater risk of accidents and injuries than other employees who take orders, prepare food or otherwise work in the restaurant. Your priorities should be (1) taking the safest route, then (2) the expediency of delivery to the customer. Even though your company might have the fastest delivery […]

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